Sunday, May 21, 2006

Getting into Dodge

Today was a set-up day. I first drove to Vince Miller's house in the northern part of Oklahoma City, where I met up with Jim Leonard and Steve Wachholder. I then transferred most of my gear into Jim's van, and left my vehicle in Vince's driveway (thanks Vince).

We then headed north and west to Dodge City- we decided to go there because it seemed to be a good midway point between a possible chase Monday in eastern Colorado and the Tuesday target of central Kansas. Also we wanted to meet up with Meso Mike Umscheid. After checking into the motel we went out to dinner with Mike- and just before we got our meal the power went out in that part of town due to a traffic accident that knocked over a utility pole. This actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we were virtually the last people in the establishment to get our meals- and Steve's steak was lost in the confusion and we ended up getting all of our meals free! Then we went to visit the DDC weather service, where Mike looked at some data for the upcoming days.

So we will reevaluate the situation tomorrow morning both for Monday and Tuesday- we may or may not chase tomorrow, but Tuesday looks like a no-brainer somewhere in central Kansas.

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