Monday, May 01, 2006

Another change in chasing plans

Things keep evolving as far as the chase plans for 2006 go-

In my last post I said that Betsy would not be chasing with me this season. Well, now it looks like she WILL be chasing after all- but not until June. The plan now is for her to fly out to Oklahoma City on June 3rd, and chase with me until the 13th, since I have to be back at work on the 14th. This will work out really well overall, since I was originally going to have to drive by myself during that period- and I really want to avoid that in the future.

Today there is a tornado watch in IL and MO- and a few days ago I considered a short notice chase if the situation looked potent enough, but so far it has turned out to be only a marginally good situation in fair to poor chase territory.

The next two weekends need to be monitored for chasing- right now the longer range models are leaning againt any chase possibilities for this coming weekend.

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