Sunday, September 06, 2009

Shanghai part 2

Shanghai Sept 5

Li river part 2

Li River Sept 4th

Finally have access again in Korea

The VPN software I used to get on Blogger and Facebook while in China did not work properly in Shanghai, so that is why no posts recently.

A lot has happened- After recovering from the 24 hour bug that laid me up Wednesday we were back out and about by Thursday. We took a Li river trip for a couple of hours (very nice but a lot less peaceful than the leisurely float on Tuesday), then flew back to Shanghai. Friday and Saturday we toured the city proper, Friday we wasted a few hours trying to find a particular shop and went to an amusement park that turned out to be closed so much of the day was a bit frustrating. Saturday was a lot more fruitful, went shopping in a really neat little area with a lot of small stores in narrow alleyways, visited a Confucian temple and ended the day going up in the world's third tallest building, the World Financial Center (which we dubbed the Big Can Opener).

Now in Seoul with the European Coaster Club ready for our amusement park tour of South Korea.

Photos to follow in the next few posts.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Our bike/raft trip Sep 1

Well, after this great trip day before yesterday I got the 24 hour bug from the food, and yesterday was spent just resting at te hotel. Today I am much better, we will do some more river stuff before the flight back to Shanghai this evening.

Pics from the 1st: