Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Technical difficulties

A computer issue with a corrupted IPhoto library has forced me to re-process all of my photos from this trip, so all but a handful of pictures will have to wait until Friday night at the soonest.

Today was a great day, We got to the Wall early and beat the crowds, but it was still hazy. Took an alpine slide back down the mountain which was an unexpected treat. Had a great lunch of spicy mushrooms and fresh trout from the local river. Next was the Summer Palace- the sun appeared finally behind a cold front and a lot of the smog cleared out, making for some great photography.

We then went to the Olympic site and the Bird's nest, very impressive. Finally we had a Bejing (Peking) Duck dinner- quite tasty.

We hired an English-speaking driver for the day, he was extremely helpful and friendly.

Tomorrow the Forbidden City, a brewpub and then our overnight train to Shanghai.

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